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Premier Vacation Rentals Group has partnered with CSA Travel ProtectionGenerali Global Assistance to offer you more peace of mind for your vacation.

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Have questions about buying Travel Insurance for your pending vacation? See our Vacation Rental Insurance FAQ to see how travel insurance can add to your peace of mind while on the road.

Check All Tasks with Generali Global Assistance

With Generali Global Assistance , you’re covered by a company with a 25-year record of outstanding customer service, formerly doing business as CSA Travel Protection, backed by one of the largest insurance companies in the world, with travel insurance and assistance designed to help protect travelers and trip costs worldwide 24/7.

Generali Global Assistance is part of the multinational Generali Group, which for more than 185 years has built a presence in 60 countries with over 76,000 employees. We pride ourselves on delivering a simpler, smarter approach to insuring and servicing millions of customers each year.

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